Yeast extract

Yeast extract is obtained from yeast through ‘autolysis’, a process in which proteins are broken down by their own enzymes, yielding peptides and amino acids, etc. These can be used to create a richer, fuller flavour or a meaty base flavour. There are various kinds of yeast extract, each with their own function, flavour and usage. Timmers Food Creations supplies yeast extracts as powders and pastes.

  • To enhance flavours, by balancing the flavour components
  • To define flavour directions, e.g. with a meaty or roast component
  • To reduce the salt content, as the use of yeast extract enhances salt perception
  • To reduce costs by allowing lower quantities of natural aromas
  • To obtain a consistent brown colour with natural ingredients declaration
  • To enhance cheese flavours in cheese products and cheese snacks
  • To give an extra creamy taste