Powdered oils and fats

For some usages, oils, fats and cream are preferably not incorporated as liquids. Encapsulating vegetable oils by spray drying will produce powdered ingredients with unique properties. These ingredients can be used in dry mixes for both sweet and savoury products. A variety of fat powders is available, depending on the required properties and application.

  • Whipping agent in airy desserts, ice cream, sauces, pastries and pastry cream
  • Creamy mouthfeel in ice cream, desserts, sauces, instant soups and snacks
  • Fat component in dry mixtures, seasonings and instant mixes
  • Flavour enhancement for oil-soluble aromatic components
  • Substitute for cream and milk in dry mixtures
  • Whitening agent in soups, sauces and processed chicken or fish products

*Based on palm, soya, coconut, sunflower or rapeseed oils or cream